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From Sabah: A Statement of Solidarity and Action
WWU President Sabah Randhawa has issued a video titled "A Statement of Solidarity and Action" as a message of support for Western's Black students, faculty and staff in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the protests against racial and social injustice which have swept...
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Racial Violence has No Place in Our Communities
Dear Western Community, In the midst of this pandemic, as we all struggle with loss and fear, we have seen the disproportionate impact of the virus on communities of color and been confronted with the painful evidence of inequity which persists all around us. In the last weeks we have also seen...
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Honoring our community
Dear Alumni and Friends,  As we continue to greet uncertainty with courage and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Wednesday seemed an opportune time to celebrate the many WWU alumni heroes in our community whose efforts are crucial though not always visible. Whatever your role during this time, we would like to acknowledge you.  And so, to our farmers who continue to grow and cultivate our food. To our grocery store clerks who ensure the fruits of this labor reach our tables to nourish our bodies and spirits. To those who produce and deliver the goods essential to our...
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A Gift of Gratitude: Paula Rippe (’75) and the Student...
When Western sent a request for donations to the Student Emergency Fund, Paula Rippe answered with her characteristic warmth and enthusiasm. When she made her donation, she shared the following: "In memory of my parents who supported me during my years at WWU. I graduated from Western in 1975 as the ‘Top Grad in Foreign Languages,’ and my son, Dr. Edward Rippe, graduated from WWU in 2011 and is now a doctor in NYC. We love WWU, and I always say the best years of my life were spent there.”  Paula Florence Rippe, Madison Middle School French Teacher (’75) Shoreline, WA Normally upbeat,...
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A Doctor’s Perspective: WWU Alumnus Edward Rippe (’11...
Edward Rippe (’11) chose to attend Western the first time he set foot on campus. Nine years later, as a resident physician in Brooklyn, he is certain he made the right decision. “I was a pre-med major. However, at the end of my second year, I did not feel I was ready to pursue medicine, if at all,” he said. “I became more interested in economics, so I majored in that instead.”  And while economics may not seem like a natural path to medicine, Rippe has benefitted tremendously from his major as a foundation for his work as a physician. “Julia Hansen was my mentor in the economics...
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“My time at WWU not only prepared me for my career but it exposed me to so many other opportunities in life. Having a lifelong connection to the Western community has enriched and enhanced my intellectual growth.”
—Kane Hall (’00), CEO Daylight Properties

Our Stars Don't Shine Alone

From the summit of Mount Everest to the depths of the ocean, Vikings everywhere are making a difference in the world. Our community is strong and growing. Here are some of the faces that make WWU special.
Vini Samuel
Jesse Moore
Todd Lindley
Debora Juarez
Denise Attwood
Betty Cobbs
Jeffrey Stuart Wiggins
Scot Studebaker

We Are Vikings!

We are innovators and advocates, collaborators and entrepreneurs, we are scholars and activists, we are Vikings! With more than 126,000 living Vikings around the world, our network is strong, and getting stronger with each graduating class.

photo of Jesse Moore

Jesse Moore (’05)

Principal Consultant, Common Thread Strategies. Former speechwriter for President Obama.

“People coming out of Western don’t always feel compelled to jump out front, or grab a mic to announce that we are ready to lead. We’re people who step into a room or a workplace, who figure out what’s missing, and who can fill that void.”

photo of Schuyler Telleen

Schuyler Telleen, (’04)

Emmy Award-winning Production Designer and Graphic Designer "Portlandia," "Mad Men," "Parks and Recreation," "Veep," "Captain Fantastic"

“I love Western. Traveling around the world as I’ve done many times and working in the industry in L.A., I’m always impressed at the valuation of my degree and how much it’s increasing. It’s just incredible.”

photo of Vini Samuel

Vini Samuel (’84)

Mayor, Montesano, WA

“What Western does so well is shape students into community-minded citizens. I look at Western graduates, and almost all of them are involved in making their communities stronger.”

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