The Western Alumni Association is proud to offer Western students the opportunity to receive The Alumni Association Leader Scholarship. Recipients of this honor are students who are making a difference in their communities, and contributing greatly to Western by actively participating in the life of the university.

Photo of Makayla Anderson

Makayla Anderson

Major - Elementary Education
Hometown - Custer, WA

Photo of Landon Baldwin

Landon Baldwin

Major - Science
Hometown - Cashmere, WA

Photo of Katelyn Barrett

Katelyn Barrett

Major - Biology
Hometown - Reno, NV

Photo of Ian Brambaugh

Ian Brambaugh

Major - Dentistry
Hometown - Port Angeles, WA

Photo of Brittney Brown

Brittney Brown

Major - Biology with Cellular and Molecular Emphasis / Pre-Dental
Hometown - Poulsbo, WA

Photo of Ella Caplan

Ella Caplan

Major - Education/Photography
Hometown - Logan, UT

Photo of Rebecca Cates

Rebecca Cates

Major - Environmental Science-Marine Ecology
Hometown - Poulsbo, WA

Photo of Annalise Combs

Annalise Combs

Major - English Literature
Hometown - Bellevue, WA

Photo of Delaney Corcoran

Delaney Corcoran

Major - Environmental Science
Hometown - Auburn, WA

Photo of Kelsie Creighton

Kelsie Creighton

Major - Psychology
Hometown - Tacoma, WA

Photo of Jasmine Dado-Fox

Jasmine Dado-Fox

Major - Biology or pre-med
Hometown - Centralia, WA

Photo of Keely Flege

Keely Flege

Major - Math/English
Hometown - Bend, OR

Photo of Emily Herde

Emily Herde

Major - Kinesiology- Pre-PT
Hometown - Tacoma, WA

Photo of Megan Horton

Megan Horton

Major - Elementary Education, LLC Program
Hometown - Puyallup, WA

Photo of Nicholas Horvath

Nicholas Horvath

Major - Biochemistry
Hometown - Bellingham, WA

Photo of Ariana Hoyer

Ariana Hoyer

Major - Communication Studies & Spanish
Hometown - Vancouver, WA

Photo of Anne Huntemer-Silveira

Anne Huntemer-Silveira

Major - Behavioral Neuroscience
Hometown - Sonora, CA

Photo of Holly Loucks

Holly Loucks

Major - Developmental Psychology and Elementary Education
Hometown - Seattle, WA

Photo of Amber Michaelis

Amber Michaelis

Major - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown - Encinitas, CA

Photo of Loelle Ordona

Loelle Ordona

Major - Studio Art & Pre Computer Science
Hometown - Seattle, WA

Photo of Navada Pacheaco

Navada Pacheaco

Major - Education
Hometown - Minneapolis, MN

Photo of Gracie Rauen

Gracie Rauen

Major - Unknown
Hometown - Seattle, WA

Photo of Emily Scheiders

Emily Scheiders

Major - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown - Granite Falls, WA

Photo of Darian Sherman

Darian Sherman

Major - Undecided, but considering atmospheric sciences
Hometown - Vancouver, WA

Photo of Jessica Stanley

Jessica Stanley

Major - Marine Biology
Hometown - Mahomet, IL

Photo of Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein

Major - Sociology
Hometown - Spokane, WA

Photo of Jacqueline Summers

Jacqueline Summers

Major - Recreation
Hometown - Westport, WA

Photo of Emily Tripp

Emily Tripp

Major - Biology
Hometown - Arlington, WA

Photo of Shawna Troupe

Shawna Troupe

Major - Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
Hometown - Kelso, WA

Photo of Sierra Truesdale

Sierra Truesdale

Major - English-Literature & Secondary-Ed
Hometown - Friday Harbor, WA

Photo of Sara Ullman

Sara Ullman

Major - Urban Planning
Hometown - Duvall, WA

No photo provided.


Major - International Business Administration and French
Hometown - Vancouver, WA

No photo provided.


Major - Biochemistry
Hometown - Kelso, WA

No photo provided.


Major - Marine Biology
Hometown - Spokane, WA

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