Faculty Mentor Award Nomination

Golden ivy wreath surrounding a golden icon of a teacher pointing to a blackboard

Nominations due February 14, 2022

Can you recall a mentor who made a difference in your life? Someone who believed in you? Someone whose guidance was meaningful to you during your time at WWU?

If so, here’s a great way you can make a difference in their life.

This year marks the ninth annual presentation of the university’s Faculty Mentor Award. The award presents the perfect opportunity to recognize that special person who was there for you.

The nomination form is quick and easy. The faculty member who receives the most nominations will be selected for this prestigious award. The 2022 recipient will be honored at a campus awards celebration this spring.

Nominations must be submitted electronically (see below) and are due by February 14, 2022.

I’m Victoria Martinsen, and I’m the Program Director for this event. Feel free to call me at 360.650.3353 or via email at marti450@wwu.edu if you have any questions or comments. WWU is an equal opportunity institution. For disability accommodation, please contact me.


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