Our Hands Are Out: Building Partnerships for the
Future by Remembering the Past

Right side of image: details of carved Native American totem. Left: historic black and white photo of Head Chief of Clallam Tribe

Thursay, February 18, 2021
4:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)




Check out this video to watch the Our Hands Are Out: Building Partnerships for the Future by Remembering the Past.

Please join us for a special presentation: A brief history of the Northwest Indian Fish Commission and the Tribes of the Salish Sea.

  • Who were we?
  • Who are we now?
  • How we will preserve our culture and our natural recourses? 

More information about the speaker series is available here.

Kurt Grinnell

Kurt Grinnell


Kurt Grinnell is a Jamestown S’Klallam Tribal member and has served on the Jamestown Tribal Council since 2004. As the Tribe's Policy Representative for the Natural Resources department, he brings to the Council a unique perspective on natural resource conservation. He represents the natural resource interests of the Tribe as the Vice Chairman of the Point No Point Treaty Council Board and as a Commissioner on the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (NWIFC). 

The NWIFC is a consortium of 20 Western Washington Treaty Tribes that deal with treaty rights issues that the tribes have in common. As the Tribe's representative he participates on the legal technical team at a policy level, on which the Tribe relies to manage its natural resources.

He represents the Tribe on all fisheries issues that require policy involvement, co-management discussion, or tribe-to-tribe discussions. He is also the Chairman of our Tribe's Natural Resource Committee.

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