Positionality and Accountability in Climate Advocacy

Climate marcher holding sign that says There Is No Planet B

Thursday, May 19, 2022
4:30 p.m. PT




Check out this video to watch the Positionality and Accountability in Climate Advocacy.

Environmental Speaker Series

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Navigating climate action, activism, and organizing is hard as an individual. What can one person do in the face of such vast, planetary problem?  Understanding positionality, agency, and privilege are vital skills for activists and organizations. This talk will explore the intersections of advocacy, responsibility, organizing, and the digital information environment. 

More information about the speaker series is available here, and past Environmental Speaker Series recordings are available here.

We are excited that we will be live-streaming from a WWU classroom for the webinar for our off-campus audience. Due to the pandemic, only WWU students will be in-person for the presentation but we look forward to welcoming you all to class virtually. 

Sarah Myhre

Dr. Sarah Myhre


Dr. Sarah Myhre is the Program Director for Climate Advocacy and Democracy Reform, at the Glaser Progress Foundation.

Dr. Myhre is an ocean and climate scientist, science communicator, and environmental justice activist, perhaps best known for her feminist approach to climate change mitigation. She’s the founder and Executive Director of the Rowan Institute, a non-profit focused on climate change leadership, and a founding board member of 500 Women Scientists, a “grassroots organization started by four women who met in graduate school…committ[ed] to speak[ing] up for science and for marginalized communities in science.” In 2017 she was declared one of the “Most Influential Seattleites” by Seattle Magazine. She received doctoral training in paleoceanography, climate change, geochemistry and marine ecology from the University of California at Davis.

Questions and Accommodations

Stefan Freelan

Stefan Freelan is the coordinator of the Environmental Speaker Series. Send email to  stefan@wwu.edu or call (360) 650-2949 if you have any questions or comments.
There will be auto-captions available for this event.