Read All About It: What's the News of the Salish Sea?

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Thursday, February 4, 2021
4:30 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)




Check out this video to watch the Huxley Speaker Series & The Salish Sea Institute Read All About It: What's the News of the Salish Sea?

The Salish Sea is one body of water demarcated by an international border where loonies and toonies and dollars and cents are the respective coins of the realm. A common language is shared across the border but news seldom is. Both sides of this border have suffered from what writer William Dietrich describes in “Erosion in local news threatens democracy” as "news deserts" and "ghost papers," a collapse of traditional news reporting resulting from the loss of local media ownership and decimation of newsrooms. How does the decline of news reporting and news readership affect the public's understanding of transboundary issues, policies and decisions?  How has “news” and its delivery been redefined? Is there a future for the news? What is “news” anyway?

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Mike Sato

Mike Sato


Mike Sato is the managing editor of Salish Current, a nonprofit, open access, local news platform serving the communities of Whatcom, San Juan and Skagit counties. He is also the curator of the weekday news blog, Salish Sea News and Weather. He is a graduate of Reed College, Portland, Oregon, and was editor of the Island Record and editor/publisher of the Seattle Sun. He has served as community relations manager for Seattle City Light, information officer for the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority, corporate communications director for Hawaiian Electric Company, and communications director for the advocacy organization People For Puget Sound. He is the author of The Price of Taming a River: The Green-Duwamish Waterways in Decline (Mountaineers Books, 1997). He resides in Bellingham and on Lopez Island.

Upcoming Talks

February 11, 2021
Speaker: Cheryl Bryce
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February 18, 2021
Speaker: Marco Hatch, Assistant Professor Huxley College
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February 25, 2021
Speaker: Kathryn Sobocinski, Assistant Professor, Huxley College
Title: The State of the Salish Sea: A Preview of the Upcoming Report

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