Regional Stormwater Treatment Innovations

Aerial view of City of Bellingham’s Park Place Stormwater Facility

Thursday, May 26, 2022
4:30 p.m. PT




Check out this video to watch the Regional Stormwater Treatment Innovations.

The Park Place Facility & POST Media Development Story

Environmental Speaker Series

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This talk will tell the story of the planning, science, and design of the reconstruction of the City of Bellingham’s Park Place Stormwater Facility and the development of the novel POST (phosphorous optimized stormwater treatment) media in partnership with WWU. The City of Bellingham & Whatcom County have spent several years working to improve water quality in Lake Whatcom by reducing phosphorus loading per the Lake Whatcom Watershed TMDL plan. In 2015 the City hired Herrera Environmental Consultants to prepare a design to reconstruct the Park Place Stormwater Facility which led to a R&D effort to develop a new high performance stormwater treatment media targeting phosphorus removal. Herrera partnered with the WWU College of the Environment on a lab bench scale and a field pilot scale study to develop and test the media. The full-scale facility reconstruction was constructed in spring 2022 and will go online treating run-off from 168 acres of the watershed in fall 2022.

More information about the speaker series is available here, and past Environmental Speaker Series recordings are available here.

We are excited that we will be live-streaming from a WWU classroom for the webinar for our off-campus audience. Due to the pandemic, only WWU students will be in-person for the presentation but we look forward to welcoming you all to class virtually. 

Chris Webb

Chris Webb


Chris Webb is a civil engineer and LEED Fellow who has been planning and designing infrastructure in support of sustainable development for over 25 years and is licensed as a Professional Engineer in Washington, Oregon, California, and British Columbia, Canada. As a Principal Engineer at Herrera Environmental Consultants, he leads design teams across a spectrum of diverse project types from site development civil engineering to infrastructure planning, high performance green buildings, and complex stormwater retrofits. His work has included many of the first installations of Low Impact Development in the Puget Sound Region and he specializes in projects seeking high environmental performance and those in complex and sensitive ecological settings. Chris was the design lead and project manager for the redevelopment of the Park Place Stormwater facility in partnership with the City of Bellingham.

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