Western Insights: COVID-19 and Our Road to Recovery

Viruses with a gray background being wiped by a person using a window wiper and wearing latex gloves exposing sunshine behind the viruses

Friday, January 22, 2021
10:00 a.m.




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Everyone is eager to put 2020 behind them - but what might 2021 have in store?

As we launch the new year our eyes are on the medical side of the COVID-19 recovery. Vaccines, from development to deployment are a hotbed for learning new terms and finding yourself in a land of misinformation. Recovery is more than just a shot in the arm for many people; what should we be thinking about mental health implications?

In this episode of Western Insights, we will focus on these issues and more with a team of medical professionals wanting to help you know exactly where we are and where we are going in this COVID adventure.  

This session is moderated by Sislena Ledbetter, PhD, Western’s Executive Director for Counseling, Health and Wellness. Our panelists are David Hansen, MD Western’s Associate Medical Director and Sarah Godoy, PhD, Western’s Counseling Center Director.

Western Insights is an online panel series created in response to COVID-19 to provide the broader region, Western alumni, friends, and students with access to information on current events drawing from the University’s nationally respected experts. This free series is offered entirely online and is open to everyone.

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Sislena Ledbetter

Sislena Ledbetter, PhD

Sislena Grocer Ledbetter is one of the most respected and sought-after emerging voices in the field of emotional wellness and life fulfillment. DrSis is a unique mix of credentials, skill, insight and professionalism, with a little Black Girl Magic thrown in. Whether working with private clients, teaching and mentoring university students, consulting with leading organizations or speaking to thousands, DrSis brings authority, authenticity and relevance. She has a passion for helping others, and a real talent for getting to heart of what matters most. DrSis is all about change and growth. She is today’s voice of hope, help and healing.

David Hansen

David Hansen, MD

Dr. Hansen began his career working in finance and marketing. After participating in numerous volunteer medical missions to Central America, Dr. Hansen left corporate America to pursue a life in medicine. Dr. Hansen earned his medical degree at Brown University’s School of Medicine. He then completed his training at the Tacoma Family Medicine Residency Program. He is a board-certified family physician and has been with Western’s Student Health Center since 2017.

Sarah Godoy

Sarah Godoy, PhD

Dr. Sarah Godoy is a clinical psychologist who earned her doctorate from American University and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan. She is currently the Director of the Counseling Center at Western Washington University. Dr. Godoy has specialties working with LGBTQ+ students and students who have experienced trauma. She is honored to have been a 2019 recipient of the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors’ Harriet Copher Haynes Diversity Leadership Mentorship Award.

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