Honoring our community

Dear Alumni and Friends, 

As we continue to greet uncertainty with courage and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, Western Wednesday seemed an opportune time to celebrate the many WWU alumni heroes in our community whose efforts are crucial though not always visible. Whatever your role during this time, we would like to acknowledge you. 

And so, to our farmers who continue to grow and cultivate our food. To our grocery store clerks who ensure the fruits of this labor reach our tables to nourish our bodies and spirits. To those who produce and deliver the goods essential to our comfort and survival, and those who have returned to building our homes and our economy. To the medical professionals and first responders who assume extraordinary risk to protect and care for us. To the business owners, workers, and students who struggle to sustain their dreams and preserve their livelihoods. And to the many who have lost jobs, and in some cases, much more. We thank you all. 

To the many who risk themselves to serve and support others. And to those of us who know that a smile, a supportive sign in a window, a foodbank donation, or a grocery delivery to an elderly neighbor makes a difference. And to those who hold steadfast a vision of better days to come, we celebrate you, our everyday heroes. 

May we all remember to acknowledge and to celebrate each other. 

We would love to hear your story. Will you share a little about yourself and let us know how you are doing? You can share your news and check-in with us via email at alumni@wwu.edu over WE Connect or via our social platforms: 

Facebook: @WWUalumni
Instagram: @wwu_alumni 

With gratitude,

Victoria Martinsen
Executive Director, WWU Alumni Association