WWU Alumnus TJ Martin Wins Emmy for "LA 92"

Western Washington University alumnus and Oscar winner TJ Martin won an Emmy Saturday for his National Geographic documentary “LA 92.”

Martin, a graduate of Western’s Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, co-created “LA 92” with longtime directing partner and fellow Oscar-winner Dan Lindsay. Their film “Undefeated” earned the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature in 2012. “LA 92” earned this year’s Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking. Like “Undefeated,” “LA 92” addresses issues of race and class through a story unfolding in real life.

WWU Alumnus TJ Martin Wins Emmy for "LA 92"

“LA 92” takes viewers back 25 years to the turmoil following the verdict in the 1992 Rodney King trial that set off days of protests, violence and looting in Los Angeles. Using all archival footage, the documentary reveals the historic upheaval as it occurred in real time – and offers viewers a new perspective on the events.

“A big wish-list hope for me is that someone walks away and has a little bit more emotional empathy and emotional intelligence toward what disenfranchised communities go through on a consistent basis,” Martin said in a behind-the-scenes interview for the National Geographic channel.

“LA 92” is showing at the Pickford Film Center Thursday, Oct. 19 and Friday, Oct.  27. Martin plans to join the cinema audience over Skype to answer questions and discuss the film after the Oct. 19 show.

Martin has been filming, editing and traveling consistently since he began working on “Undefeated” in 2009. After the 2012 Oscars, he made a stop at Western to spend the day with students and host a special free screening of his film for the community. View this segment from his on-campus interview below. He continues to inspire and mentor WWU film and social-justice students via social media interactions and served as a co-chair for the Western Stands for Washington Campaign.

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