Viking License Plates

timelapse of a highway with cars
WWU custom blue license plate

Put Viking Pride on Your Ride!

Show your Viking pride with the WWU license plate. The plate is available at any Washington state Department of Licensing (DOL) office. Each license plate purchase raises $28 that goes directly to support WWU students via scholarships!

If your vehicle has a previous WWU plate design, we encourage you to make the switch. It's easy to keep your current plate number—simply visit your local licensing office.

For those who do not yet have a WWU plate, don't wait until your tab renewal—get one today!



Receive a tax-deductible receipt

Email to receive a tax-deductible gift receipt from WWU for your plate donation. Of the annual WWU license plate fee, $28 is a tax-deductible gift to support scholarships at WWU. Include the vehicle's license plate number, issue date, tab number, and registration expiration date for each vehicle.


What if I have an old WWU plate?
You can get the same number or message on the new WWU plates through the DOL. You may go online or visit your local DOL office to replace your current WWU plate with the new WWU plate. The DOL will charge a replacement fee to retain your current message or number. Contact your local DOL office for exact costs and fees.

How do I personalize my plates?
Check out the DOL's personalized plate search to see if your preference is available. You may personalize your plate with up to seven characters (6 characters for motorcycles), including letters, numbers, dashes, and spaces. No unusual characters (&, !, @, +, #, etc.) are allowed. Total costs may vary, for more information, go here.

How much does the WWU plate cost?
Total costs and fees may vary depending on your vehicle, visit the DOL website for current costs and fees.

Why the green lettering?
​The WWU license plate features a solid blue background with green lettering. The green is a secondary color of the Western brand and is detected better than white lettering by the camera technology used by the Washington State Department of Transportation. 

Do I have to be a WWU alumnus/a to get a WWU plate?
No. Anybody and everybody can purchase WWU plates! 

Do I have to wait until my tab renewal to get a new plate?
No. You can purchase a WWU plate at any time!

How do I purchase WWU plates?
Complete the application and mail to Vehicle Licensing, Department of Licensing, P.O. Box 9909, Olympia, WA 98507-8500, or take it to a licensing office

Can I get a WWU plate for my motorcycle or scooter?
Yes! The cost for a motorcycle or scooter plate can be found on the DOL website.

How much of the registration fee is directed to WWU students?
For each plate sold, $28 goes directly to support scholarships for WWU students.

When will I receive my WWU plates?
Contact the DOL for questions about mailing. 

What will my new plate number be?
Unless you request personalized plates, your new number will be assigned by the DOL computer system. Plates are assigned in numerical order when a transaction is finalized.

Can I keep my plate when I sell my car?
Yes! These plates may be transferred to your new vehicle. Be sure to register your new car with your existing plates with the DOL.