New Contaminant Concerns: Salish Sea Impacts

Top: Salish sea coastline. Bottom: floating garbage.

Thursday, October 14, 2021
4:30 p.m. PT




Check out this video to watch the New Contaminant Concerns: Salish Sea Impacts.

Huxley Speaker Series

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Contaminants of Emerging Concern are substances that have the potential to harm wildlife and humans, but have not been well studied or regulated. We are studying the effects and presence of microplastics, tire wear particles, and pharmaceutical and personal care products in the Salish Sea. The presentation will focus on what we know about the toxicity and chemistry of these substances, and what we know about the impacts to wildlife and humans in the Salish Sea. 

More information about the speaker series is available here.

We are excited that we will be live-streaming from a WWU classroom for the webinar for our off-campus audience. Due to the pandemic, only WWU students will be in-person for the presentation but we look forward to welcoming you all to class virtually. 

Ruth Sofield

Ruth Sofield


Ruth Sofield is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Western Washington University.  She is an environmental toxicologist and chemist with experience in marine and freshwater systems. Her current research projects are focused on microplastic and tire wear particle toxicity and chemistry, modeling the risk of contaminants of emerging concern in Puget Sound, and assessing contamination in Salish Sea seaweeds.

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Stefan Freelan

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