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Brand word superimposed over a red heartCreate a Brand Your Customers Love Webinar

Why do you love the brands you love? How can you create a brand customers will love?

"It's not typically a singular event but the collection of activities that create an impression, good or bad. 'Customer Experience is EVERYTHING to us.' I hear this often, but what, exactly, is the customer experience? In this webinar, we'll explore customer journey mapping and how savvy brands are engineering optimal customer experiences."

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Coronavirus with the backdrop of stocks markets going downWestern Insights webinars

Click here to view previous Western Insights webinars. Western Insights is an online panel series created in response to COVID-19.  The series seeks to provide Western alumni, our students, and community members of the broader region with access to information on current events from the perspective of the academic disciplines of the University.  Speakers in the series are both the University’s own nationally respected subject-matter experts as well as external guests. The series is offered entirely online and is open to everyone.




A pile of stacked stones on the shoreWhat it will take to bring our country back to health?

You're invited to join us for an in-depth virtual exploration of how COVID-19 has affected our communities in several key sectors. An expert panel including WWU alumni and faculty will help answer the question: What will it take to bring our country back to health? 

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Painting of a elephant coming out of the smoke by artist Lori HillVirtual Artist Studio Tour with Lori Hill

Are you ready for a safari of the imagination? Journey into a world of color, form, and perspective when artist Lori Hill presents a virtual Art Walk through her whimsical studio. Prepare to encounter spirited wildlife, books at all angles, vivid landscapes, and alluring abstracts along the way. Hill is a prolific painter who has travelled the world gathering cultural influences which are reflected in her works.

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PR Tactics 2Leveraging PR Tactics to Market Yourself During COVID-19 Webinar

In the coronavirus world, WWU alumni may find themselves struggling to stand out to recruiters, management, and customers. Additionally, business professionals must deftly navigate decreased budgets in an increasingly noisy landscape. One solution to these new realities is to empower recent graduates and alumni to build a stand-out personal brand.

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LinkedinHow to Get a Job in the Worst Economy since 2009 via LinkedIn Webinar

With over 600 million active users, LinkedIn is the premier business-to-business social media platform. Whether you're a graduating senior, a recent graduate, or someone who is considering a career change (which is particularly timely in the COVID-19 world), this webinar is for you. Kent Lewis (’94), president of Anvil Media based in Portland, Oregon, will share LinkedIn best practices that will help you increase awareness, enhance industry credibility, and expand your network.

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